The BodyQuest Store is your center for mind, body, and wellness. From living healthy and eating right to exercising and building motivation, we are here to support you with honest and integrity. We strive to provide the right information and the right equipment for you by working with manufacturers governed through fitness equipment standards.

The BodyQuest Store family believes in making you the best possible you! We have built relationships with the best personal trainers, physical therapists, yoga instructors, martial arts instructors and nutritionists, to name a few, throughout the state of Illinois. As a result of our commitment to fitness and our customers, we continue to expand, providing you with the best equipment and center for wellness!

Best of Health,
David Utinske and Sean Day

David Utinske

- David Utinske,

start quoteIt's hard to believe I have been in the health and fitness industry since 1997. I started at The Body Quest Store as a second job, at the time I was working at UPS and my wife Tia and I had just found out we would be having the first of our three boys, Andrew, Mike, and Jack. I was doing deliveries for Body Quest in the beginning and over time started to get on the floor more and more helping people pick the right piece of equipment to get started with their journey of fitness and health. One thing lead to another and I was promoted to the assistant manager position and it wasn't long after that that I was running the Springfield store.

9 years later I took over The Body Quest Store and opened the new store in 2005 on 3120 Montvale Dr in Springfield and I have not looked back since. It has been a great learning experience for me and my family and I would not trade it for the world.

The team at Body Quest only takes the customer's needs in mind when helping them pick out the right fitness tools to help them reach their goals. When some one is ready to change their life style we take that very serious, and we lend them a hand throughout the whole process. It is a life changing experience when you deal with the team at The Body Quest Store, and we appreciate everyone we come in contact with.end quote

Sean Day

- Sean Day,
Store Manager

start quoteMy name is Sean Day. I am 41 years old. I was born and raised in Springfield. I went to St. Cabrini School as a youth and then went to Lanphier High School and graduated. After high school I was hired by St. John's Hospital in the dietary department. I worked at the Hospital 23 years before joining the Body Quest family. I'm also employed at UPS and been there for 16 years. The thing I'm most proud of are my boys, Eric, 10 and Chris, 9. I have also been training with weights since the age of 16.end quote

Tony Galassi

- Tony Galassi,
Service Manager

Kyle Dilworth

- Kyle Dilworth,
Professional Installer

Ryan McCoy

- Ryan McCoy,
Professional Installer

Tony Galassi

- Fred,